About Us

We target to be the preferred last-mile solutions provider in the country. To achieve this objective, we recognise the need to enable ubiquitous Wireless Broadband connectivity across the region. Our ultimate aim is to be consistently recognised for quality next-generation products and services.

Fiber@Home created the Open Access business model and is the first carrier to deploy such a model in Malaysia. It was our success that prompted the Government to adopt this model for the National Broadband Network. As a wholesale-only provider of infrastructure, Fiber@Home is committed to delivering Retail Service Providers (RSPs) with equivalent opportunities to serve Malaysia's growing digital access needs. Our network has proven it can improve innovation and choice in the market as we deliver a multitude of services from different providers to the same property over a single Optical Networking Terminal (ONT). This feature enables consumers to have flexibility in choice of provider that best suits their particular needs.

When we first started, Open Access was a totally new concept, but it is not the standard required by legislation to ensure everyone is at least on a level playing field with equal access to service providers. This has guided the development of the products and service we offering to retailers. As we embark on a new phase via our partnership with ViewQwest, integration efforts are still underway to ensure that we can serve you better in future.