Fiber@Home is an open access provider that serves as a platform for service providers to deliver their services to homes and businesses, is currently being positioned as the “Fastest & Cheapest Ultra Fast Fibre Broadband in Malaysia”.

Fiber@Home created the Open Access business model and is the first carrier to deploy such a model in Malaysia. It was our success that prompted the Malaysian Government to adopt this model for the National Broadband Network.

As a wholesale-only provider of infrastructure, Fiber@Home is committed to delivering Retail Service Providers (RSPs) with equivalent opportunities to serve Malaysia's growing digital access needs.

Our network has proven it can improve innovation and choice in the market as we deliver a multitude of services from different providers to the same property over a single Optical Networking Terminal (ONT). This feature enables consumers to have flexibility in choice of provider that best suits their particular needs.

We work alongside city or municipal authorities to explore bringing in Fiber@Home to the selected area. This means reviewing the infrastructure such as roads, underground utility paths and even permitting capabilities to ensure the area is ready to design and build a brand new high-speed network.

Every mile of this super-fast network is planned properly and carefully. We use the shared data to create a map of where we are able to build this network, taking into account existing utilities poles and waters, gas and electricity lines.

With the plan in place, we then string and lay thousands of miles of brand new,state of the art fibre optic cable in the area.

Fiber@Home is built in little community areas within a city based on the response and sign-ups of a particular area. If we receive enough interest or sign-ups within a particular community, we then begin to build the fibre network. These small communities that are connected with Fiber@Home is known as Fiberhoods.

Finally we complete the process by connecting qualified fiberhoods to the new network and install the service in homes and businesses.

Fiber@Home starts with a internet connection speed of up to 100Mbps and an intranet connection speed of 1Gbps.

Our 100Mbps broadband is 10x faster than 10Mb, both upload and downloads. This is particularly suitable for customers that download lots of large files. On our 100Mb package, you can download HD movie within minutes

When selecting your broadband speed, you should consider the number of people in your home and devices that will be connected. Your broadband speed is shared between the devices connected in your home. It’s not unusual for one person to be on the phone, laptop/iPad and streaming TV all at the same time. Your online experience might be slower than you’d like when you start sharing your 10Mb connection with multiple people and devices.

Fiber@Home is installed on a site-by-site shared basis, or as a dedicated leased line to a single business. If you live or work in a multi-unit building or complex, drop us a line and we’ll get in touch. Or if you own a building or multi-user site, we’d welcome the opportunity to show you why Fiber@Home can add significant value to your property.

The cost to install a fibre connection to your building can be expensive and; at the moment it’s just not feasible to do this for individual properties. By targeting multi-dwelling units (MDUs), a single fibre connection into a property can be made affordable. We are looking at ways to service individual residential properties in the future so please register your interest and we will be able to contact you should service become available in your area.

You can check on our Fiber@Home website if your building has been ear marked as our community. You may check the availability online by going to http://www.fibercity.asia/page/fiberhoods

Click on the state that you are residing on and then choose which residential or business area you are in to see the availability of Fiber@Home. If you see the Order Now button in red in your area then it indicates that the building has Fiber@Home service. If we're not yet aware of your building, register your interest today. Speak to your residents association and drum up other neighbours to register their interest too. The more demand we see, the faster we can get the ball rolling.

This is something that we base on the usage in your building . Your Fiber@Home link is scaled to match the size of your building and the number of potential users. We’ll continue to monitor your building’s usage; if you reach 80% of your limit we simply upgrade the bandwidth that we pipe to your building.

The contract for your services is directly with the service providers. They are responsible for the cost, service level and availability of your chosen services. Your service provider will also provide support if you have an issue.

Fiber@Home is one of the only companies building a real fibre to the home network. The fibre optic cable does not connect to, and is not slowed down by, the old copper network at any point, so can maintain high speeds. The method we use to build the network (FS System)means that much of the fibre cable can be laid without having to dig up the road which means it can be built faster and without causing any inconvenience such as traffic disruption

The broadband packages being offered are different in 3 ways:

  1. They will be faster and offer consistent speeds which means your services will not be disrupted e.g. watching catch up TV over the internet will be streamed with no jerks or freezing of the screen.
  2. The service providers delivering services over the Fiber@Home network are able to offer the same upload and download speeds (most other broadband services have a substantially slower upload speed) which means things like attaching photos on Facebook, or onto emails will be much quicker!
  3. There will be a 100Mbps service on offer which is much faster than the typical services available and at least one of the service providers is offering to boost this up to 1Gbps, which is unique to our network.

Outside: The fibre cable is to be laid via the sewer network. The fibre will then be brought up from the manhole and into a fibre enclosure. It is from this fibre enclosure that a Micro Trench will be dug to each property. The fibre will then be taken to the front of the building where a small unit (about the size of an A5 piece of paper) will be fixed to the outside wall.

Inside: The ONT box is fitted with screws to the inside wall adjacent to the outside Fiber@Home box, an Ethernet cable connects the ONT to the Set top box. If the distance from the main TV to the ONT box is more than 1-2m then some cabling will need to be done.

In order to connect the outside of your property we will recommend the path the cable takes across your land to the outside wall. We will ensure that you are happy with this before starting on the work. The connection inside your property will need to be done while you, or someone you have authorised, is at home.

The internal connection will be made through the wall where the external connection is. A cable will then run from this connection to the set up box, wherever you choose to put this.